Sunday, February 13, 2022

Aldrune Campaign Setting

Hex Map: Cantilin region of the Northlands, Aldrune
Map by Brian C. Rideout, made with Worldographer

(Sorry about the long delay... Both my kids were sick with COVID this week and needed some serious TLC.)

 I wanted to share another, more elaborate Campaign Setting with you here as a prelude to several articles on world-building.

I created Aldrune around Christmas and fleshed it out last month after reading Castle & Crusades, replaying Majesty: the Fantasy Kingdom Sim, and binging on issues of Yum/DM's incredible D12 Monthly magazine all at once.

The lightning bolt of inspiration had me scribbling madly through lazy family holiday gatherings, and spending every free minute of the first weeks of the new year muttering into my phone or hunting for Art.

Aldrune is written as my home campaign world, at least for a few campaigns. There are virtually no mechanics for it yet, although I intend to add some. The document as-is, is 100% "fluff". But there is a rich and complex tone set for it. It has gods, religions, major reasons, history, cosmology, and places for every OSR race and class. It's intended audience are close friends and family that I would invite into home to play.

The setting itself is high fantasy with a focus on Chivalry, Heroism, Honor, and Piety as themes. It is a mishmash of Arthurian legend, Norse Mythology, Tolkien, and Narnia mixed with a hearty dose of AD&D2e aesthetics, Buddhist and Gnostic spirituality, and a splash of Final Fantasy.

Who I wrote it for, and what I wanted for the game made for a very different take on how and why I designed it compared to the Gorzeh Wastelands, Golden Heresy, or my Aerith setting for Deathtrap Lite. I encourage you to have a look, and will happily answer questions or comments.

Adrune Campaign Setting

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