Monday, April 13, 2020

Resource Spotlight: The Glatisant

"Glatisant" wood cut image
courtesy of The Camelot Project,
Robbins Library Digital Projects,
University of Rochester
One of my favourite resources to keep up with OSR Gaming is Ben Milton's newsletter, "The Glatisant".

This email comes put every few weeks with links and short descriptions of a range of articles from the OSR community; everything from tools and adventures to complex theoretical essays on games. If Ben found it compelling,  he shares it through the Glatisant.

Part of the reason I got into OSR Gaming is that I no longer have time to spend poring over dozens of blogs looking for ideas. Having the most compelling content curated for me is an invaluable service.

Thus far, I have not been disappointed with Ben's choices. Every issue of The Glatisant has had several articles I have enjoyed, discussions I have wanted to participate in, etc. It is well worth your time!

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  1. Same. I signed up a bit over a month ago. I really like his Maze Rats 2d6 system too.