Friday, March 25, 2022

The Queen of Decay Completed

 Earlier this month, my main man Stephen Smith asked me if I would care to collaborate on something for the OSR Supplement Game Jam put on by Taylor Lane. He wanted to get some material for his campaign setting Wierth published. I am now over 70 sessions into his campaign and love it. I definitely wanted to help.

He mentioned my project The Queen of Decay as a possibility. I had let QoD sit idle for months as my focus has been on Deathtrap Lite, but an opportunity to get some attention on Wierth and a book to market when there was a chance at earning some attention to my modules. So I dove in and saw how much I could fill in before tapping Stephen for help.

As it turned out... I had a lot of ideas in me. During walks, my little guy's naps, and whenever else I could mutton into the phone (plus a couple of late nights), I was able to build the entire adventure in three days 

That includes 52 encounters, 2 Dungeons, 26 overland locations, and 10 detailed hexes. I am pretty amazed at what I managed to put together.

Yesterday I ran a playtest and did some editing based on what I learned, and today I put it up for the OSR Supplement Game Jam.

Get Queen of Decay Here

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