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Let's Build an RPG! Dragonette (WIP pt. 2b)

This is pt. 2b of my Dragonette project. I have bern talking a lot about making your own TTRPG lately, and when my son of 4 demanded that I run a game for him that used ALL THE DICE, I found a great opportunity to make something and share it.

Dragonette is designed with the following ideas in mind:

  • It should not require math that deals with numbers over 20 (on the player side.)
  • It should prime the player for learning D&D or OSR-based games.
  • It should be easy to keep track of.
  • It should be thematically appropriate for a 4 fear-old, but not mush or pap.
  • It should still be interesting to the grown-up who is running and teaching it.
  • It draws much of its inspiration from the works of Roald Dahl, Dav Pilkey, various kids' cartoons, and the more family-friendly Final Fantasy games. 
  • It conscientiously avoids leveling up or steep power curves.

Obviously, I have the advantage here of being a rules guy: I like taking deep dives into the structure of TTRPGs, so I could quickly decide on rules based on those desired outcomes and mash them together, 

Dragonette fuses elements from Knave, Cairn, and Index Card RPG Core2e, all open culture game engines.

In part 1, I laid down a grounding of rules and style named on my objectives.  Honestly,  I could have done better and been more opaque  by splitting that into a Part 0 and Part 1. Part 2 is the process of making content for the game.

2A focused on Monsters, as they represent the kind of challenges the PCs can face in the game.  They set a lot of the tone. I made sure there were no humans, and a mix of helpful, dangerous,  and silly creatures  side-by-side.

Dragonette is a loot-based game: like Knave and ICRPG, your character’s capabilities are based on what they are carrying. This starting Loot and what zplayers can find will fo a lot of heavy lifting.

Here is what I have come up with. 


Silly Loot are random objects favored by faeries, pranksters, and kids who have access to a little magic.

1Sneezing Powder (depletes, starts at a d8), throw at a monster to cause it to sneeze so furiously it cannot do any other action. On its action it may only make a TOUGHNESS test to stop sneezing.
2Enchanted Toot Cushion changes color to blend in on whatever is near it, can be thrown at the seat or feet of a target to cause them to suffer two disadvantages on their next charm roll. 
3Brute-in-a-box this music box, once wound up springs open and an impossibly large puppet springs out with a club in hand. It will attack the user's nearest enemy with two advantages, and deals 2d8 damage. If used more than once a day, there is a 2-in-6 chance it will hit the user instead.
4World's Best Boomerang this wooden boomerang does only 1d4 damage when it hits, but if it misses it returns to the person who throws it in the usual way boomerangs do. If it hits, it grows feet and runs back to the thrower.
5Shoe Goo this pot of glue will instantly spread over a room-sized area. Any creature walking across the goo will become stuck until it dries in a day. If they are wearing footwear, they lose their shoes or boots on the first round of moving through the area, and their socks on the second, before becoming stuck on the third. It takes a day for the goo to dry out and victims to escape. I must be used on a relatively clear floor.
6Socks of Doom these socks come in an oilskin pouch sealed with wax (or a zipper-sealed plastic bag.) Once the bag is open, the stench of these socks is so intense that any creature that breathes is rendered helpless for 2d4 turns.
7Horn of Aggravation this small brass horn is powered by squeezing a rubber ball. The sound annoys monsters, forcing any to hear it to seek out and attack the horn or its bearer. 
8Rubber Helmet this helmet looks intimidating, with ornate visor and grand horns. The helmet is made of springy rubber. Anyone attacking the wearer has a 2-in-6 chance of having their attack bounce back at them; they must re-roll the attack and damage as if they were attacking themselves. They also have a 2-in-6 chance of taking no damage from a fall.
9Marble Madness (spell) this magic spell, cast on a target, causes its pockets and pouches to constantly fill up with large, white marbles for the rest of the scene. Any time they pull a handful of marbles out, they are instantly replaced. The spell can be used three times, then must be recharged by carving the shape of an earth spirit into a marble cliffside.
10Grease (spell) this spell covers a large patch of floor, or one object to be covered in a slippery oil. Anything HERE when the spell is cast must make an Agility test with two disadvantages or fall down. If cast on an object, any creature trying to hold on to it must make an Agility check with two disadvantages to hold on to it. This spell may be used three times before it must be recharged by by dousing the object holding the spell in the slime of a champion riding snail.
11Pretty Colors (spell) this spell fires a cone of sparkles, brightly coloured glowing gases, and ribbons of light in clashing glaring colors. Creatures with less than a heart of HP available are knocked out for one scene, and then blinded for one scene. Creatures with one heart, but less than two hearts are blinded for 1d6 rounds, and then suffer two disadvantages on any roll where they must see (because they are seeing spots.). Creatures with two or more hearts are stunned and only able to defend themselves for 1d3 rounds, and then suffer two disadvantages for 1d3 rounds. This spell may be used three times before it must be recharged by holding it up under a rainbow.
12Reverse Dummy this creepy-looking magical ventriloquist dummy can be used to make another creature say one rude, silly, or nonsensical thing. The magic in the dummy is limited, and depletes, starting with 1d8.
13Chocolate Moose this hollow chocolate moose must be snarfed down in one sitting to work, which takes 1d3 rounds, and requires a toughness check to keep that much chocolate down after eating so fast. If successful, the eater turns into a mighty bull moose for the rest of the day.
14Sticky Fingers this stretchy rubber hand on a rubber tube is covered in tacky goo. It can reach out to anything that its user can see if snapped like a whip and will stay stuck to it until the user tells it to let go. It can be used to (very slowly) pull objects less than a kilogram in wieght to the user. Or it can keep stretching to create a guide line of infinite distance (so long as the user doesn't let go). The stickiness and magic that gives it infinite stretch both wear off and start with a d6 depletion die.
15Really Super Ball this ball, once thrown, takes a full scene to stop bouncing off of walls, floors, windows, heads etc., knocking things over at random, spilling drinks, and generally causing mayhem as it does so. Anything in a building in which a Really Super Ball has been unleashed is distracted with one disadvantage on all rolls, and the GM choose may have it cause some kind of dangerous spill or break. At the end of the scene it finally slows down and bounces to its thrower's feet.
16Bag of Wooden Nickels covered in silver paint, these wooden coins look real, shiny, and attractive. They can fool any creature they are offered to into accepting them as a bribe, or increase your treasure by a die for buying something... but whoever accepts them will eventually figure out that they've been had, and will be very angry.
17Bottomless Mug this fancy-looking bronze mug has a secret catch that causes its contents to drain into a secret compartment, Another secret catch causes the secret catch to spill out the bottom. Great for winning drinking contests of making it look like you have drunk something you suspect is poisonous.
18Duck Call this duck call, used outside, calls a flock of ducks. They are friendly to the person with the call (unless he grabs one), but ornery and mean to anyone else. If used underground it summons a Duck of Doom... a terrifying cursed being, that will use its dark powers on the next thing to threaten the user, and then the duck call will crumble.
19Magic Slingshot this rubber-band slingshot is carved from wood from fairlyand. It only does 1d3 damage, but gives two advantages to attacks rolls, as missed shots ricochet ins strange improbable ways back at the target. 
20Squirt Gun of Croco-aide this strange plastic squirt gun is loaded with a sticky, cherry-flavored sports drink (depletion is a d6, roll each time it is used). Any target hit is immediately swarmed by bees, flies, wasps, cave crickets, or whatever other insects are nearby causing two disadvantages on all rolls until the creature removes its clothes or washes the drink off. 

Looks like I have made it necessary to make a Mighty Moose and Duck of Doom in my bestiary as well.


Gear helpful for adventuring heroes, dungeon-divers, and travelers.

1Lockpicks, a wallet of picks, wire, glass-cutters, muffling cloths, tiny hammers, and oils (all fit in a single slot.) This tool allows a character to unlock locked doors, sabotage machines, or disarm mechanical traps with a Dexterity check.
2Acid Flasks a d4 depletion die of flasks of concentrated acid: perfect for melting locks, leaving marks in stone, and startling tough monsters (does a d8 of damage.) 
3Suit of Armor roll 1d4+1 to determine how many slots the armor fills, and how much protection it offers. 2: gambeson, 3: a chain shirt and gambeson; 4: brigandine armor; 5: breastplate and tassets; 6: plate mail.
4Lamp and Oil A shuttered oil lantern that allows the party to see pretty far in dark. The light can be narrowed into a narrow beam or dimmed to hide their movement. The slot holding the lamp includes a d4 supply of oil. Every 4 hours or so the player must refill the reservoir, and roll for depletion.
5Alchemy Kit and Formula Book a book of mysterious alchemical formulae, a drawer-filled box of rare substances, candles, calcinators, and alembic, a retort, a mortar and pestle, a hard file, a stamp for making clay bottles, several glass vials, corks, and parafin wax. The reagents have a d6 of supply. Players make make glues, acid, medicine, even potions, if they are taught how to interpret the formulae. Takes up two slots.
6Burglary Kit a crowbar, a dozen iron spikes, a few skeleton keys, a small shovel, and some empty sacks. Takes one slot.
7Ranged Weapon roll a d6 for the type of weapon: 1. a sling and a bag of stones; 2. a hunting bow and arrows; 3. a light crossbow and a case of quarrels; 4. an arquebus and bag of stones; 5. a quiver of javelins; 6. a war-bow and arrows. In all cases, the ammunition has a d6 depletion rate, and the weapon and ammo take up a single slot together.
8Melee Weapon roll a d6 for type: 1. dagger; 2. a mace; 3. a short sword; 4. a simple wooden club; 5. a battle-axe; 6. a spear.
9Blessing (spell) usually ion the form of a holy relic with the spell written on the reliquary around it. This spell gives everyone HERE allied with the caster one advantage on all tests for a scene. If they are fighting evil spirits, the undead, or defending against dark magic they get two advantages. This can be used three times before it needs to be recharged by taking it to a holy place and praying over it for three days.
10Dowsing (spell) this spell is written on a ribbon wrapped around a wooden rod or from which a pendulum is hung. When the spell is spoken the object attached to the ribbon will pull the caster towards the nearest source of, water, gold, safe food, silver, of gemstones. If anyone near the caster is carrying such things, they have to wrap them in silk not to confuse the spell. The spell can be cast three times before it needs to be recharged by fashioning a new pendulum or rod, which takes a full day of work.
11Light Spell (spell) This spell causes a bright light to pour out of a crystal or bottle on which the spell is cast. The light lasts for one scene, or if the user uses up all three castings of the spell at once, a full day. The spell object can be destroyed to make one object glow forever. When fresh, the spell has three castings before it must be recharged by leaving it under the light of the full moon,
12Climbing Kit this well-designed pack includes pitons and a small hammer, 40m of rope, a harness belt, some crampons, a climbing axe, and a grappling hook. It takes only one slot.
13First Aid Kit this character lets a character treat injuries as if they were a doctor, herablist, or barber-chirurgeon. Every day it is used requires a depletion roll. A full healer's kit has a d6 depletion die worth of supplies.
14Rations traveling food! A mix of hard tack, water canteens, dried fruit, mixed nuts, wax-wrapped cheeses, and jerky. Along with a fork, knife, and tin pan. The food supplies are good for a d6 depletion die, and require a roll each day. 
15Protection from Harm (spell) this spell acts as if the one person touched by the caster was wearing a 4-slot suit of armor, and grants them two advantages against magic that fools or controls the mind. It is good for three uses before it must be recharged by heating it over the fire from a burning shield.
16Feather Fall (spell) This spell is a single secret word written on an amulet or charm. When the spell is cast, it causes any number of falling people to float gently down and not be harmed by the fall. It can be cast three times before it needs recharging by being treated with a an oil created using an alchemy kit and the feather of Wurdle Bird.
17Leap (spell) This spell cast on up to three people at once gives the ability to perform great leaps, bounds, and bounces for one scene. This spell uses up one casting, not matter how many people are affected on each casting. After the castings are used up, it must be recharged by rubbing it in snow freshly scooped from a mountain summit.
18Musical Instrument along with a scroll case full of songs. It can be used to entertain a crowd and lift their spirits, adding an advantage to Charm tests after a performance.
19Navigational Tools A map, compass, small sextant, and a gazetteer of the area nearby, it lets player travel without risking getting lost, and lets them learn more about the area.
20Tinker's Tools a reel of tin solder and wire, glue, pliers, razor, scissors, hammer, screwdriver, nails, screws, a small anvil, a hot soldering iron, a bag of leather and cloth scraps, a box of scrap metal, and a clamp, this tool set lets characters fix damaged gear and machines


Gear helpful for adventuring heroes, dungeon-divers, and travelers.

1Enchanted Sword an arming sword made of exotic metals and etched with magical runes, this sword cannot be broken, and can harm even ghostly creatures that weapons normally pass through. Roll a d10 to see if it has extra magic:
1-5: nothing
6: Dancing - you can let go and it will fight on its own as if you were still wielding it for 1d4+1 rounds.
7: Grants an advantage on sensing sneaky opponents.
8. Can use the dowsing ability like the magic spell once per month.
9. Glows as bright as a torch when drawn.
10. Grants an advantage on attacks.
2Potion of Strength This potion makes a character as strong as a giant, giving them four advantages on feats of strength, and the ability to lift immensely heavy objects for one scene. Making this potion requires the tears of a giant and an alchemy kit.
3Potion of Health drinking this potion restores one HEART to full and removes one injury. Making this potion requires an alchemy kit and either powedered unicorn horn, a full peck of snozzberries, or the breath of a dragon.
4Lightning Bolt (Spell) this magic spell lets a character throw a bolt of lightning, doing HARMONY damage to up to three enemies. This spell can be cast up to three times before it must be recharged by exposing it to a powerful jolt of electricity, usually by attaching it to a battery made with an Alchemy Kit, or by leaving it out in a storm (where it attracts lightning).
5Teleportation (Spell) this spell instantly carries the caster and up to three others instantly to one place that the caster is visualizing. It must be a place that the caster has seen before. If it is less than 3km a way it requires only one casting of the spell. If it is within 100km away it requires two castings. Any other distances uses up all three castings. The spell, full charged holds three castings that must be recharged by placing it to the head of a placid time elemental.
6Good Luck Charm this can come in a number of forms. When it is found it will have 1d4 Lucky Breaks in it. If it is carried in a READY slot this item expends Lucky Breaks any time a character might reach 0 hit points, get separated from their group, or be put under a terrible spell, immediately preventing the event from happening.
7Bottled Spirit A spirit, genie, or imp caught in a magic bottle, this creature yearns to escape its prison. It can talk to anyone holding the bottle, and will try to beg, try, or bargain with anyone holding it. The creature will offer to do 1d3 favors for whomever holds the bottle in return for its freedom. It will do its best to fulfil any request, but might need to take some time to do so, and will try to twist their wish to nefarious ends.
8Fireball (Spell) This powerful and reckless spell creates an explosion of force and fire. All beings HERE except the caster take HARMONY damage. Enemies of the caster may make an Agility roll to take half damage. Allies may make an Agility check with one advantage to take no damage. This spell may be cast three times before it must be recharged by laying it in the heart of a forge for a week (it is always fireproof.)
9Flight (Spell) This spell lets up to three characters fly through the air for one scene. It can be cast up to three times before it must be recharged by hanging it from a magical bird and having it carried up to the clouds, then dropped.
10Healing (Spell) Just possessing this spell in a READY slot allows the caster to act like a doctor when treating patients. Casting the spell heals HARMONY hit points and removes the same number of points from the Hit Points of a wound. Unlike most spells, it can be cast six times before needing to be recharged by being immersed in holy water for a week.
11Potion of Heroes once it has been drank potion grants a character a pool of 10 advantages. They may freely use them up to give themselves up to four advantages at the time to rolls. They wear off, whether used or not, after a scene. Making this potion requires an alchemy kit, and the tusk of a snozzbeast.
12Transformation Potion To use this potion, a character must add the hair, feather, scales, or teeth of a creature. They can then drink the potion to be turned into that kind of creature for one day (or until they choose to turn back.) Making this potion requires an alchemy kit and the dust of the wings of a faerie.
13Phantasm (Spell) This spell lets the caster bring an image from their imagination into reality: it looks, feels, and sounds real, and the caster can control it as long as they spend their turn controlling it. The illusion has four disadvantages on any roll if it tries to move anything or harm a character, and cannot do more than 1d4 HP to any task at a time. It vanishes after a scene. This spell can be used three times before it must be recharged by smearing it with dream-stuff collected by pixies, or by crumbling a goblin's fool's gold over the spell.
14Doorway Spell (Spell) This spell can be used two ways: if cast on a door, window, or container that is unlocked, that door is held shut and protected by a magical force field for a year and a day. Only someone carrying this spell in a READY slot can open such a door. if cast on a locked door, container, or window, it causes a huge bang as the locks are magically forced open. This spell can be used three times before it must be recharged by bringing it to the center of a ceremonial labyrinth,
15ESP (Spell) this spell lets the caster read the thoughts of nearby living creatures that they can see for one scene. This spell can be used three times before it must be recharged by burying it beneath the floorboards of a library for a month.
16Seeing Stone this crystal orb can show its user any person or place it has already seen, or any person or place near another seeing stone it is aware of. Using it is taxing, however, and the user suffers two advantages on all rolls until they get a night's sleep.
17Enchanted Shield a magic shield made of magical ash-wood and bound in metals purified by an alchemist, the enchanted shield cannot be broken. Once per day it can cancel a spell or power aimed at the used so long as it is in a READY slot. 
18Chaos Staff This staff allows raw magic to be stored within. When it is found it has one Chaos Spell inside it (rolled randomly.) If the spell is cast out of the spell an new one will randomly appear within the staff in the morning. Anyone holding the staff will intuitively know the name of the spell within and how to unleash it.
19Blessed Jewel so long as this jewel on a pendant is kept in a READY inventory slot, its wearer has an additional ❤️ HEART of health.
20Magic Arrows A quiver of enchanted arrows (a d6 depletion die worth), they can be carried in the same slot as a bow. The arrows resize to suit the bow and archer, and grant an advantage to hit. Roll a d10 to see if they have other properties:
1-5: no other properties
6: indestructible, never roll depletion.
7: creatures hit must make a TOUGHNESS roll or fall asleep.
8: does HARMONY damage for each heart of health the target has.
9: the arrows do no damage, but the creature hit falls instantly in love with the next suitable partner.
10: The arrow does no damage, but explodes into a cube of goo that traps the target.


Cursed loot can be useful, or just a pain, but where it is useful, it comes at a cost.

1Helm of Dread This ominous-looking horned helm casts the wearer's head in shadow, and causes their eyes to glow from within an eerie red. They get two advantages on rolls to scare and intimidate creatures, and two disadvantages on any other Charm roll. The helmet will not come off unless the wearer is affected by a Blessing spell.
2Springheeled Boots these boots let the wearer run at incredible speeds, capable of keeping up even with many racing snails. they can also make incredible leaps. Both without tiring. However, there is a 1 in 6 chance each time the wearer uses the power that the boots go haywire, making the character randomly run and jump, often slamming into walls and ceilings. Every scene they must make an Agility test or take 1d10 damage. After taking the damage, roll a Charm roll to see if the boots come off. The character cannot rest until the springheeled boots fall off or are removed.
3Enchant (Spell) This spell hypnotizes a target, making them believe you are a trusted friend. They will not willingly harm you or let others do so. They will follow any request it is reasonable for a trusted friend to ask. The spell has depletion dice of a d12, and each day roll depletion to see if the spell wears off. Once it does, the person who was under the spell considers you a mortal enemy and will become obsessed with punishing you for your manipulation.
4Dreadful Curse (Spell) This spell can cause any number of terrible things to happen to a target; near eternal sleep, dangerous obsessions, being banned from one crucial act, finding one substance poisonous... but it always comes with a counter-curse, something that the cursed person can do (within the realm of possibility, but difficult) to break the curse... at which point it turns upon the caster, serving up a similar curse on them enhanced with the cosmos' sense of ironic justice.
5Crow's Quill this quill makes fantasy a reality: anything that was written to share as fact that is not true becomes true... although often in the barest, least helpful sort of way. If a writer states a certain door is unlocked, then it may be unlocked but instead barred or trapped; if they write that an army will fall, they will lose a battle only to rally and become stronger, if they write that the king has died, he might become a vampire, or be replaced by a terrible, corrupt replacement.
6Squid Jar This magic ink jar connects directly to a magically imprisoned giant squid. Normally, it produces ink, but there is a 1-in-6 chance that when opened, a questing tentacle will come out, grab hold of someone and attempt to pull them back into the jar (they will be able to be magically squeezed in. Those taken in this way will never be seen again.
7The Insidious Music Box this box fascinates any who hear it. They must stop and listen to the tune, and will even stop fighting to do so. It can be wound to last a round, a scene, or a whole hour. Only someone who has heard the tune before can ignore it. Someone who willingly plays the music box will find the eerie, jaunty tune contained inside stuck in their head - for a week they will whistle or hum it when they are not paying attention. It will cause disadvantages on charm rolls and any attempt to be sneaky.
8The Coward's Sword this sword looks impressive and radiates an aura of power and menace. The moment it is drawn in combat, the blade becomes rubbery and hangs limp, and the wielder cannot put it down until the battle has ended. If they proceed to attack foes with the sword in its limp state it does only 1d3 damage.
9Banner of Ill-Omen this ominous war banner is worn on a sashimono, a frame that straps to a wearer's back. It makes every ally of the wearer more ferocious, giving them one advantage to attack rolls and making them fearless. It also makes any enemies who see it feel frightened; they must make a Toughness check or run away. However, the longer a person wears it the meaner and more vicious they get. PCs wearing it have a sanity rating of ❤️❤️ (2 HEARTS). At the end of every battle they lose sanity equal to the highest damage roll they made. When their sanity reaches 0, they become evil NPCs. The banner must be burned to get rid of it; once it is put on it will always appear on its wearer's back, otherwise.
10Haunted Sword this sword is haunted by an evil spirit. It grants two advantages to attack rolls. In any battle, if a player rolls a natural 1, they must make a Charm roll, or become possessed by the spirit for the rest of the scene, who attacks anyone it thinks will cause the most mayhem and despair. To get rid of the haunting spirit in the sword, they must challenge the spirit (❤️❤️❤️, advantage on Agility checks) to a sword duel and win.
11Phantom Potion this potion makes those who drink it become ghostly; see through, silent, and able to walk through walls, they may even fly. They cannot touch or feel things around them (nor eat or drink.) This can be a problem, because the potion starts with a depletion die of d6 and checks happen at the end of every 4-hour period. It can me made with an alchemy kit and the shroud of a ghost.
12Starry Wisdom (Spell) This spell always appears as a complicated (and creepy) magical tome. When cast, the user can contact an alien mind from another dimension and ask it any number of questions. Secretly roll a d8 for each question to determine which kind of answer the player gets:
1: Character must roll Charm (Target 14) or be sucked into another dimension.
2: The Mind doesn't know the answer, and says so.
3: The Mind doesn't know the answer and makes stuff up.
4: The Mind knows the answer, but talks in riddles.
5: The Mind knows the answer, and gives as short an answer as possible.
6: The Mind knows the answer and gives a simple answer.
7: The Mind knows the answer and gives a detailed answer.
8: The Mind knows the answer, and offers extra advice.

The caster must commit to the number of questions they intend to ask before they cast the spell, even if they must make up silly questions to fill in the number, which makes that chance of getting sucked into another dimension pretty serious.

The spell can be cast three times before it must be recharged by having an evil, mad, or corrupt wizard write a new passage into it.
13Wildfire Wand this magic ring launches bolts of fire that do Harmony Damage. If it is used more than three times in a day, however, the wand has a 1 in 6 chance on the 4th use of going haywire, a chance that increases by another +1-in-6 each use. Once it goes haywire, the user starts shooting at random targets uncontrollably as the wand jumps and blasts madly in their hands. The only way to stop is to break the wand, freeze it, or dunk it in water. 
14Leaden Ring this magic ring makes its wearer super strong, giving two advantages on Toughness checks at first. However, the longer they wear it, the heavier it gets, filling up an additional inventory slot every day it is worn. It can only be taken off using a special oil made from racing snail slime and an alchemy kit.
15Pillow of Blessed Dreams this pillow gives beautiful, happy dreams and restful sleep. It clears one wound a night while people sleep on it. The happiness they gain form the dreams also gives them three advantages on the first roll of the day, two advantages on the second roll of the day, and one on the third roll of the day. They can get a good night's sleep no matter where they are. The catch is that after sleeping on the pillow for a week, they have to make a Toughness roll to get out of bed, otherwise they will sleep the day away unless dragged out of bed, leaving them tired, cranky and at disadvantage to all rolls for a day. They will also want to sleep on the pillow again, preferring their beautiful drams to reality. Only destroying the pillow will break the dreamer's yearning to use it again.
16Lure of the Leviathan this golden bauble on a chain, when cast into a saltwater body from a boat attracts huge fish, big enough to feed a small town. Each time it is used, however, there is a 1-in-12 chance of it instead summoning a hungry Island Fish
17Fool's Crown This wooden crown is painted gold and adorned with paste gemstones, and has the face of the puppet Punch on the highest tine. Anyone who wears it gains advantage to charm rolls when trying to be witty or funny, but feel compelled to crack wise, engage in pun wars, and make silly commentary no matter how inappropriate, possibly getting them into trouble. Holding it in requires a Charm check at disadvantage.
18Wicked Game this looks like an innocent board game (often chess), but the moment a piece is moved, a spirit begins playing against the player. This spirit will grant a wish (with no funny business) if the player wins. It will drag the layer into the netherworld if they lose. If they try to leave the game, the spirit will become a Great Imp and attempt to force the player to finish the game.
19Shadow Tentacles (Spell) This spell conjures a patch of writhing, rubbery tentacles made of shadow-stuff. These tentacles grab and hold anyone Here. Enemies of the caster HERE must make an Agility roll or be grabbed. Allies HERE must also roll or be grabbed, but have two advantages. Once they are grabbed, a character must use their action and make a Toughness check to break free, otherwise they may not act that round. Enemies of the caster have a disadvantage to that roll and take 1d4 damage if they fail it. The tentacles last one scene. If the caster is HERE they have neither advantage nor disadvantage to the roll to avoid being grabbed or to break free, but if they spend 3 rounds grabbed, they are pulled into the center of the mass, and disappear. This spell can be cast three times before it must be recharged by taking it to one of many strange haunted monoliths found in lonely, dangerous places. 
20Forbidden Book a book of terrible magic, it allows the caster to use a Chaos spell any time they want: it generates a new spell the moment the last one is cast. After the second time in a day, they must make a Charm check to cast it safely. Failure to do so causes the target of the spell to be reversed in some way.


This table randomizes the loot acquired from other tables. I will likely add bizarre loot (with a lot of Dahl references) and Precious loot tables in an expanded version of the game.

1Roll for a random unusual item on a handy trinket table.
2-5Roll for Silly Loot
6-12 Roll for Serious Loot
13-15Roll for Magical Loot
16-17Roll for Cursed Loot
18A d4 of Treasure
19A d6 of Treasure
20A d8 of Treasure

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