Sunday, April 9, 2023


 I will post a proper part 3 to my series about building a TTRPG on the fly. For now, however, I am happy to announce that a draft version of Dragonette is free to download on DriveThruRPG... after a few late nights of furious typing.

Get it Here and See an end result after it went from a Brainstorm to a 58-page TTRPG in a month.

Dragonette on DTRPG


  1. Well done, sir! Gotten, will read shortly.

    1. I always appreciate you our comments and feedback!

  2. Consider giving some sort of boon to multiple successes when rolling with advantage. Increasing the effort die size or giving advantage to the effort roll (or both progressively?) would work.

    Might want to mention in the tower climbing example that using a rope with grapnel grants advantage to the check, in addition to using a larger effort die.

    These are some of the most usable chase mechanics I've ever seen.

    Can a BBM be reliably bribed/distracted with cookies? ;)

    "The Lock of Gnar"! Shouldn't "clay pulse" make the ground ripple? Did the GM think for a long time, or the character using it?

    "Mention creatures last." Excellent advice!

    Morale - shouldn't the creatures' morale break if they roll equal to or greater than their remaining hit points?

    Overall, still very much a work in progress, but an excellent start. The GM advice and random tables are very good.