Monday, July 13, 2020

Adventure: Into the Wizard's Hookah

Map for "Into the Wizard's Hookah"
made with Dungeon Scrawl and GIMP
with images from Pixabay
I have had some wonderful interactions on twitter with Guilherme Gontijo, the mind behind Lantern's Faun games. He is an absolutely brilliant designer, focused on pamphlet and statement-sized role-playing game books. He is also behind the gorgeous layout of Pacts & Blades.

While I was perusing his work I came across this absolute jewel of a resource he created: "How to Make Cool TTRPG Pamphlets", which made the process of creating 5-Room Dungeons in pamphlet format look fun and easy. So I decided to try it out,

I created a psychedelic funhouse dungeon entitled Into the Wizard's Hookah which is available for download

I took a lot of inspiration from the song "Mycelia" by Glitter Wizard.

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