Monday, July 6, 2020

One Page Dungeon! Gastropodia: A Morel Dilemma

I made a one page dungeon for the the 2020 One Page Dungeon Contest.

I call it Gastropodia: A Morel Dilemma. It is about tiny mushroom people who are not evil, but they are real jerks when it comes to treating other cultures' dead respectfully. They ride around in a mostly-dead giant snail, and don't make themselves too much of a nuisance... until they get stuck.

Here it is in .BMP

Or you can get in in glorious 150dpi .PDF format here.

The setting of Gastropodia is one I have a ton of ideas for. I have notes on at least 8 adventures based around this snail dungeon and its environs. Most centering around the idea of adventurers being shrunk to 1" tall. I have no idea how many people would be interested in such a thing, but if I hear enough interest, I might stat out this adventure for OSR gaming, or write and compend multiple one page dungeons together around it.


  1. I just came across this and it looks really cool. I may use it for Mausritter. When you say most of your ideas revolve around the players being shrunk to an inch tall...that sounds perfect for the Mausritter community and you could easily promote such content there I’d think.

  2. I've eard good things about Mausritter. I hope to review it here at some point soon.