Monday, June 28, 2021

Micro-Review: Worm Crawls

Cover Side, "Worm Crawls"  ©2021 M. A. Guax 
: M. A. Guax
Publisher: Self-published
Engine: System Agnostic

I wanted to showcase this free adventure by M. A. Guax, whom I've featured before in my mini reviews back when I was boosting Tiago Rolim's care fund in the Spring.

M. A. Guax has an impressive talent for coming up with the barest bones necessary to make something gamble, and then adding an in a liberal dose of flavor to make it compelling.

In this case, he created a map to showcase his "Unseen #1 Hexkit" them crowdsourced enough cool ideas to fill a d66 encounter table.

What we have as a result is a labyrinthine Hex crawl through a worm God to earn freedom by freeing him from ancient cursed swords embedded in his flesh. One encounter per Hex.

As I can't resist a good brainstorm on Twitter, here are my contributions:

From Worm Crawls by M. A. Guax

One paragraph, a simple map, and a d66 table on a single 3-panelled page with some cool art on the back, and Credits. That is all we need for something weird, wonderful, and eminently playable. It is a case study in elegant minimalism. And an interesting take on the one-page dungeon

If anything, I might've asked him to include copyright data in fine print somewhere, so knew how much I could share. 

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