Wednesday, August 4, 2021

#RPGaDay2021 4- Throne

My Son and I are playing Troika! Numinous Edition together. To tap into his current fascination (whales and squids) I built a scenario where his character becomes an agent of the King of All Sperm Whales. And I am hought I might flesh out that NPC Here for fun, and maybe inspiration.

The Court of the Cachalot King

The King of All Sperm Whales

Skill: 9
Stamina: 28
Initiative: 2
Armor: 2
Damage as Gigantic Beast

His Majesty, Lord of the Depths, He-Who-Dives-Beyond-Midnight, The Thunderspeaker, Keeper of Sunken Treasures, King of All Sperm Whales (may harpoons ever glance from his hide!) Is the greatest, and strongest of all bull Sperm Whales: a beast 26m long and weighing 96,000 tones. Even his smoking pipe is the size of a house and holds the heat of a smelter. His crown is made of enough gold to fĂȘte a city.

1 Gambling well
2 Ranting Thunderously in Ill temper
3 Boisterous
4 Migraine-ridden over matters of state
5 Dangerously bored
6 Gambling poorly

He is not, however, the wisest. And his endless boasts, harangues, and Sabre-rattling has made him an enemy of Musmina, Witch-Queen of Squids... A subtle being with a taste for intrigue. Most of which The Lord of the Depths, etc. has the cunning to outwit. He relies on his majordomo, Triton, and his clever lackey, Mr. Fish to help him puzzle out her machinations.


The Thunderspeaker (etc.,) has a voice loud enough to rupture eardrums, Shatter class, and silver wood to pieces. When angered, his Furious ranting inflicts damage like a moderate creature to anyone in am enclosed space with him, and those damaged must make a Luck test or be deafened for 1d6+1 hours.


Skill: 7
Stamina: 22
Initiative: 3
Armor: 1
Damage as Gigantic Beast
1Gambling reluctantly
2Vainly reasoning with the king.
4Untangling schemes
5Resentfully Bureaucratic
6Secretively snacking. 

Wisest of the Sperm Whales, Triton is, (for a sperm whale,) attentive, precise, and knowledgeable. But that parenthetical note ought to be telling. He is something of a bumpkin who is very impressed with Magic and finery, and often aggravated at the legal codes and treaties he has to keep track of. This frustration has led to a shameful secret addiction to eating diplomats and lawyers. 

Triton has a Knack for interpreting Musumina's plans, and is often the only reason that the King of All Sperm Whales has any clue what is going on.


Triton is a dabbler in magic and knows 1d6 random spells that are different each time he is encountered; he simply can't stay with just a few! 

Mr. Fish

Skill: 8
Stamina: 6
Initiative: 2
Armor: 0
Damage as a club
1Gambling badly

A creature with the body of a (damp and scaly) pot-bellied man and the head of a sea bass. Mr. Fish wears the finest attire and a silver-headed walking stick well-suited to rapping on thick heads and correcting breaches in protocol. As an unrepentant schemer himself, he yhinks like the Queen of Squids, making him invaluable to the throne.

"The Court of the Cachalot King" is an independent release br Brian C. Rideout, and is not affiliated with the Melsonian Arts Council.

Troika is Copyright 2015-2018 Jeremy Duncan, Dirk Detweiler Leichty, Sam Mameli, Daniel Sell, Andrew Walter.

Court of the  Cachalot King is CC-BY 3.0 Brian C. Rideout 2021.

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