Wednesday, August 4, 2021

#RPGaDay2021 Catch Up

 I missed #RPGaDay2020 last year, although it seemed like a great way to get a lot of creativity out in a short time. This year my main man Stephen over at Stephen's Hobby Workshop is taking up the challenge, so I thought I would, too.

This is not going to replace my regular play reports and reviews, and I will probably take a quick-and-dirty approach to it, but I want to keep my hand in. It is also a great way to work on the four campaigns I am juggling as GM right now:

So, to catch up here are four short entries for #RPGaDay2021:

Day 1 -  Scenario

The campaign I am running in Lowlife 2090 is entitled "Down the Food Chain", each adventure  is going to be themed around the complexities of feeding a city of 25 people with virtually no land. I have been brainstorming missions by name and basic premise, then adding in a complication. Then I can tweak it and make it into a 5-room dungeon style adventure at my leisure. Here's what I have so far:

Operation: Calamari

Protect a fish farm from mage-terrorist controlled hunter eels 

Complication: The company is testing the PCs loyalty and reliability with honey pots.

Operation: Dry Rub

Rescue a Yakuza Oyabun's daughter after she crashes in Urgot Territory.

Complication: She has had severe CTAC exposure and might become an Urgot herself without magical help.

Operation: Ratburger

Help a corrupt cop investigate terrorists attacking bug farms in the exclusion zone... Or else.

Complication: The perps are connected to the attacks in Operation Calamari: The Returners. A cult obsessed with resettling the outlands, even if they must force it. The cop is paying with the location of a cache of contraband. 

Operation: Lard

Help environmentalists corrupt research data that might bring back the whaling industry.

Complication: The results of the survey prove controlled whaling could prevent severe shortages and possible famine.

Operation: Farm Fresh

Find out who has been sabotaging the defense systems of a robot-tended outland farm.

Complication: It is an inside job w/ higher-ups trying to keep it a secret. The bullets for its turrets are bein "repropriated" for a black op. 

Operation: Hot Sauce

Frame the Mag Meltas for a rash of sensitive crimes targeting restaurants to allow a crackdown.

Complication: This is being perpetrated by a police inspector who may need to tie up loose ends.

Operation: Cola Bottle

Protect a beloved VR star from a vampire that is stalking her.

Complication: The Vampire must be taken alive; he's well-connected.

Day 2 -  Map

The map has nothing to do with Lowlife 2090, but rather it is an adventure for my son in Troika! Numinous Edition where he plays a Gremlin Catcher turned secret agent for the King of All Sperm Whales. It is a simple 5-room underwater dungeon where he must rescue the LoaSW's seventh daughter from agents of the Squid Queen. She is being kep in a sea cave with air pumped to her by a complex machine as she us fed condemned squid criminals. 

I might parse it all out on the blog later. 

Day 3 - Tactic

One of the villainous factions that will be recurring in "Down the Food Chain" is  a cult called The Return. This group embraces Manifest Destiny mixed with idealized Thoreauean back-to-earth sentiment: they want man to slay the Urgot and the large monster populations caused by CTAC and rebuild Western Civilization across America.

They believe that the best way to shake the populace's faith in the Megacorporations and sprawl living is to hit the food supply hard. If people are afraid to starve in the city, The Return thinks they will push to reclaim more of the Outlands.

Day 4 - Weapon

Lowlife 2090 has a huge inventory, just like it's spiritual forebear Shadowrun. I am loathe to add too much, but one thing I am going to need is a speargun

Belerophon Speargun

Designed for underwater use with sea monsters in mind, this Spear gun has a rotating barrel that loads four carbon fibre harpoons. These harpoons can fire freely or tow a composite line connected to a motorized winch with the equivalent of a 22 Strength, and has anchoring clamps built into the stock. The range is reduced to 5m above water. The harpoons inflict blade Trauma. 

Damage Range Ammo Jam Nat. 19 Avail.  Cost
2d10 15m 6 1-3 d813L¢350

The Belerophon Spear gun is offered under the Open Game License. Lowlife 2090 is ©2021 Pickpocket Press. 

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