Tuesday, April 26, 2022


Q: How do you make God laugh?

So, after I had the audacity to post my plans to release a new game last week, my kids finally gave me the second of the two bugs that I had been nursing them through. And while it made my poor little guys cranky and uncomfortable, it flat-out tried to murder me. But, after a week of agonizing pain, I am back to creating.

And I have finally got a draft up of Wreck for your consideration.

Wreck is the game component of my Eternal Ocean & Wreck combination project. I have intentionally separated them in such a way that you could just use the setting with any system, but I wanted one readily available with all the material necessary to bring it to life as well. One that was based on a simple, fast open engine that I could easily adapt to my needs without reinventing the wheel.

For my purposes, I chose Cairn by Yochai Gal.  It is narrative-focused, light, classless, and, as it is assembled from The Mark of the Odd and Knave, there was a surfeit of useful mechanics, content, and ideas already available.

For example, I built a solid character advancement system by taking a dash of MotO and a pinch of Knave. I drew inspiration for Mausritter for base building (and deviated quickly, but it was a great starting point.)  I also used a charge method closer to Knave than vanilla Cairn does.

In other places you will see a few ideas from Kasimir Urbanski's Star Adventurer, And in places I lifted mechanics from the video game Subnautica and turned them into TTRPG mechanics.

I borrowed a lot of the rules for The Bends and The Rapture of the Deep from my other deep-diving adventure game, Midnight Zone. Which will in turn probably steal a lot of equipment and vehicles from Wreck I designed these projects to help each other in the development process 

A: Tell Him your plans.

I hope to have a good chunk of the Eternal Ocean done next week. In the meantime, I will see if I can't offer you some fine content again, now that I am on the mend .

Read Wreck as a PWYW PDF on Itch.io

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