Sunday, June 5, 2022

Strange Ways & Queen of Decay on DTRPG

 March was a really productive month for me. I released two books that month: The Queen of Decay and Strange Ways. I decided to leave them up exclusively on for two months before uploading them to DriveThru RPG. As of midnight they went live on DTRPG.

Strange Ways

Strange Ways is a collection of six magic-using classes for an OSR System, each with a unique alternative magic system that can either be used in tandem with- or as a replacement for Dungeons & Dragons' traditional Vancian magic system. The classes are;

  • Alchemist - bombs, potions, poisons, and useful creations.
  • Incinerator - Master of wielding fire as a tool and weapon alike.
  • Psion - A simplified psionic class inspired by a mix of AD&D and D&D3e design.
  • Sorcerer - A freewheeling magician who invents spells on the fly, but who's magic can malfunction in dangerous ways.
  • Voidwarped - Lovecraftian cultists who gain powers through supernatural mutations as they slowly transform into an alien monster 
  • Witch - A spellcaster that binds bizarre spirits to create a dazzling collection of strange effects.

Find it on DriveThru RPG here!

The Queen of Decay

The Queen of Decay is a mix of Hex-Crawl and dungeon adventures set in a psychedelic swamp for Low Fantasy Gaming that serves as an introduction to Stephen Smith's World of Weirth setting, which will soon be published as a complete setting book and LFG ruleset.

Characters are racing the clock through a poisonous swamp that bends their perceptions to save a dream priestess before she is driven made by a desperate and dangerous necromancer. If the PCs don't hurry, the priestess will be driven mad as she is forced to read the dreaming minds of ancient undead snake cultists.

Queen of Decay was originally created for the OSR Supplement Jam.

Find it on DriveThru RPG here!

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