Monday, December 26, 2022

Feycatchers BFRPG Setting (WIP)

Koffing & Weezing from Pokémon 
©️1997 Nintendo Entertainment 
 So, my oldest son caught a bad case of Pokémania this year. Pokémon cards, cartoons, dolls, and more are running rampant through my house and infecting his imagination.  I have been trying to dodge this phenomenon since he turned four. To no avail. It has been so intense that I am to the point where I have decided "If I can't beat 'em, I might as well join 'em."

But on my terms.

For Christmas,  among the Pokémon cards and Pikachu dolls, was a copy of Basic Fantasy Role-Playing Game, and a set of dice from me.

I decided to make this gift a little more attractive, by tying it in to his new obsession. I decided to build a campaign world that mixed Pokémon, Fantasy Role-Playing, and a bit of Celtic Mythology. Into a new campaign setting. 

In Feycatchers, Faerie animals have escaped from Arcadia and spread across the island of Hebron. The Wizard responsible for the invasion formed an order of young magicians who can trap these fae creatures in magic lanterns, to by en either conjure them or use their magic from within the lantern. 

These Feycatchers have been made answerable to an order of white wizards, the local holy church, and the Crown to use their magics for the good of all. They have become a mix of protector, entertainer,  athlete, and troubleshooter for the region.

I gpt Dungeon Alchemy for
Christmas.  I love the maps
Over the last week, I put together a book to include with BFRPG in his stocking. It icludes:

  • A campaign premise
  • A character class
  • Mechanics for binding and controlling fae creatures.
  • 51 monsters for catching and binding
  • A brief history of of the setting
  • A dozen settlements
  • Several factions
  • a one page adventure
  • A one-page dungeon 
  • 10 OSR spells converted for BFRPG
It is very much a work in progress,  but it was en7to have a neat little home made book for my son under the tree, and hopefully one day I will run it for him, or, better yet,  he might run it for his friends.

The current version varies from the one I gifted him a bit. It does not use the whimsical illustrations of Nicole Gustafsson that I used for his personal copy, because they are not mine to share. It instead has art collected from Artvee and Pixabay. 

In a perfect world it would have some monster illustrations,  original (and consistent) artwork, and a list of adventure hooks. Maybe a few more monsters as well. And some twists for the base classes.

I will be submitting it to the BFRPG forum to see if they can help me make it better,

If you are interested in something halfway between Pokémon and Arthurian myth, are looking for a map to steal, or just want to offer me feedback,  I welcome you to download it here:



  1. Want a different take on pokemon games? Try Pokethulhu. It uses d12s for everything, and is worth playing a few times.