Thursday, December 8, 2022


"Undercroft Entry of Burg Drachenfels", CC-BY-SA Haselburg-müller

 Sean McCoy, the creator of the awesome Scifi-Horror TTRPG Mothership, has recently started a challenge for himself he calls Dungeon23, which has gone viral in the OSR Crowd.

The premise is simple: create one dungeon room a day every day in 2023 , and in the end he will have a sprawling 365-room mega dungeon.

I liked the challenge, as did my buddies from the Weirth campaign.

While we were chatting about it, I proposed a modified version of it that would appeal to me personally:

Create a hex map with 21 hexes or so.

Every day I create something new for it:

  • A faction.
  • A random encounter table.
  • A major NPC
  • A settlement overview
  • The room of a local dungeon
  • Some setting-specific content
  • A point of interest and general information in one of the hexes.

I am going to call it the Hex23 challenge.  By the end of it, I should have a really solid setting for the first 5 levels of a campaign. 

In the name of building up material, I am going to set this in my Mondas campaign setting for Deathtrap Lite. That way, I will have resources for a sample adventure to include with the next edition of the game.

Like my current reading material, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 1e's Shadows Over Bogenhafen, this could help define my setting world by including material that makes the setting more complete.  I  will develop a parallel set of mechanical notes for Old School Essentials, as the two are not mechanically far apart,

I will keep people posted both with the #Dungeon23 and #Hex23 tags on Twitter.

You can see my daily content here.

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