Friday, May 19, 2023

Classy World Building (pt. 9)

 So whats left?

I have a few gaps left that I will ultimately want to fill to make the game feel complete:

  • A culture of vivacious necromancers who appreciate life more than most because they know so much about death.
  • A race of nomadic sailors.
  • I need a heavily armored fighter type with a twist.
  • Some kind of underwater people - I am thinking crabs that come in several different levels of human/crab hybrid, kind of like the Yuan-ti or the original Kahjit lore from the Elder Scrolls.
  • A fire-themed group to round out my accidental elemental magician set.
  • A psychic class; maybe a bird-like race of visionaries, with a spell list that is mostly divination with a few telekinetic abilities for good measure.

I feel that this would give me a good, rounded-feeling, but I do not need them immediately; I can afford to spread them out.

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