Friday, August 14, 2020

Adventure: The Mind Mills

 Wizardry is a lonely profession.

Its no wonder that when, after a long exchange of letters, when a charming and gifted young diviner invites a few reputable magic-users to visit him for long chats, cheerful fellowship games, and fine brandy. No magical lore will be given or asked.

This is how Kobol the Visionary lures his victims. The chats are pleasant, the fellowship cheerful, and the brandy spiked with a powerful toxin. Once the poison takes hold, it drags the joyous mind of the mage off to the Astral Plane, where hypnosis and ESP lets Kobol turn them into vessels to scour the planes... and die in the name of his quest for eldritch lore.

But he has recently taken the wrong victim, and the PCs are hot on his trail... but can they survive his defenses?

The Mind Mills is lovecraftian a five room dungeon designed for 2-4 players levelled 3-5 in any OSR compatible role-playing game.

  • Made using OSRIC and the Dungeons and Dragons Rules Cyclopaedia.
  • Makes no references to material that cannot be found in a B/X based system.
  • Includes both ascending and descending AC.
  • Includes d20-style attack bonuses and ThAC0.
  • Designed to lead into my adventure Into the Wizard's Hookah.
  • Potential recurring villain.
  • Includes four unique magic items.
  • And an original monster.
  • Designed to be printed as a pamphlet on A4 paper.

Now available as Pay-what-you-want on DrivethruRPG!

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