Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Resource Spotlight: How to Make Cool TTRPG Pamphlets

Cover Panel, "How to Make Cool
 TTRPG Pamphlets "
CC-BY Lantern's Faun Press

How to Make Cool TTRPG Pamphlets is a free pamphlet by Guilherme Gontijo available on Guilherme himself is a wizard at graphic design and layout and a notable part of the amazing indie RPG culture we are seeing out of Brazil right now.. He is the reason Pacts and Blades is so pretty.

The pamphlet is short, but contains a lot of hints on spacing, placing images, compressing your ideas. It also contains links to a downloadable template by Bruno Prosaiko usable with Word or Google Docs that serves as a starting point for writing a pamphlet.

It also has addresses to several curated collections of public domain art that can be added to your work.

This was the jumping-off point for me into creating my short 5-Room Dungeons: Into the Wizard's HookahLove-Nest of the Barbarix, and the upcoming The Mind Mills.

"The Mind Mills" is built using almost entirely tools and resources
from How to Make Cool TTRPG Pamphlets. Coming soon!

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