Saturday, August 22, 2020

Adventure: A Windmill Full of Corpses

Nobody in Manechea likes the Mill, or the Miller.

To them, the windmill it is just another excuse for the baron to put his hand in their pockets. The miller is a strange outsider with sad eyes who barely speaks...

Nobody noticed at first when he stopped coming around. No one was there to help him when an alien horror crept out of the nearby caves. It wasn't until a villager went to have some flour ground and found that the mill had been strung with human bones and corpses that they knew something was amiss.

Now the townsfolk believe that Karrick the miller has become a homicidal maniac, killing wanderers and turning his mill into an abominable shrine. The truth is far worse...

A Windmill Full of Corpses is a new Old-School adventure written using OSRIC. It will work with any OSR-compatible role-playing game.

This is an adventure for 3-4 characters levelled 3-6. 

  • It uses a 5-Room Dungeon format.
  • Printable on A4 in pamphlet format.
  • Includes both ThAC0 and d20-style attack bonuses.
  • Includes both ascending and descending AC. 
  • Includes both percentile and d12 Morale values.
  • Features an update of a classic Old-School monster: the Decapus.
  • And a new variant: Decapus Spawn.

Now available on DrivethruRPG!

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