Friday, April 2, 2021

Help Tiago Rolim Fight the Bug!

You guys know me, I don't sell much of anything here. I don't even try hard to sell my own stuff here, so bear with me...

Tiago Rolim, the creator of Numa, is sick in hospital with COVID-19 and having trouble getting the coverage he needs.

The Rolim Brothers are friends of Welcome to the Deathtrap! Tiago's brother, Lucas was the first writer to send me a book to review, and both have relentlessly promoted me to their amazing Brazilian OSR audience. I consider the Rolims friends. 

To help him cover medical expenses Guilherme Gontijo, who created one of my favorite resources for game developers, has put together a bundle of 72 books from the BROSR's coolest developers to help Tiago pay the bills. It costs only $10 USD, but it will go a long way for Tiago. 

If you haven't yet got Pacts & Blades after all of my gushing, this is your chance!

Grab the Bundle here!

... And expect a lot of reviews of Brazilian products on W2tDT in the near future! 


  1. Pusher! I just bought Pacts & Blades yesterday!

    I guess I just bought a spare copy, plus lots of other interesting things, such as the expansion to P&B.

    1. Guilty. It goes to a good cause, though. Tiago is a hell of a jam organizer.