Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Check out Black Dragon Games' DM Screen

Ian Slater over a Black Dragon Games and Dweller of the Forbidden City has shared a great DIY project that I wanted to give a signal boost:

He took a number of the DM Screen templates you can find on Dragonsfoot.org as well as some classic fantasy art and turned them into these very attractive DM screens. Six of them with different material on the back based on what he needs for a given phase of play:

I personally don't use a DM's screen, but I won't deny their value. These straightforward designs will only cost a few bucks and would be every bit as useful as a professionally made screen. Anything that makes D&D more accessible is a good thing in my book!

I am really taken with what you can find on Dragonsfoot. I am going to explore it a bit more, but I expect it will also end up on my Resources page.

I am also green with envy of Dr. Sister's professional DMing setup.

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