Monday, October 26, 2020

The Bloody Engines of the Dinosaur Men

I am flattered by how many people have already read and played the adventure that I put together more-or-less in real time on my blog last week in my 6-part plus Building an Adventure Series (1, 2, Rationale, 3, 4, 5, 6). I am glad that it has already hit the table!

Today it is my pleasure to announce the release of The Bloody Engines of the Dinosaur-Men. This is a fine-tuned, edited, refined, version of the game written in 'Zine format.

The Bloody Engines of the Dinosaur-Men

An OSR-compatible adventure for 3-6 characters

Levelled 3-5. Made with Labyrinth Lord.

A Sinister Dungeon Full of Hazardous Environments and Brutal Traps!

What makes the screams echoing down from Eira Peak? After the recent avalanche that forced the people of Eirata to file their homes, many went missing. If they were killed by the falling ice, where are the bodies? Who are the veiled merchants selling exotic meats and fruit on the northern roads? And what are the strange many-horned "dragons" devouring trees and melons at terrific rates in the Salka Marsh?

When the PCs set out to answer these questions, they will discover an ancient and vile facility slaughterhouse full of killer machines, murderous heat, frightened captives, and monsters from beyond time.

  • A multi-path dungeon that rewards stealth and cunning.

  • Contains no coin treasure, 3,180gp in special treasures, 4 potions, one magic item, and a few doses of poison and exotic weapons.

  • Up to 2,425 XP in combat encounter experience in the dungeon.

  • Tactically complex and timed encounters.

  • Compatible with any OSR game, and made with Labyrinth Lord

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