Thursday, August 19, 2021

The Maze of Screaming Heads

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For the past five weeks I have been fervently hammering away at a module that was so clear in my head it just had to get out.  I call it The Maze of the Screaming Heads. And it is more complex than my other adventures by a degree of magnitude.

This Twenty-two room dungeon features:

  • the outline of a small town setting,
  • five hirelings,
  • a puzzle PCs may choose to solve ,
  • strange environmental hazards, 
  • seven new kinds of monsters including a demon taken from The Lesser Key of Solomon
  • 45,000gp worth of treasure, most of it in the form of rarified knowledge, ancient books, and strange art objects.,
  • one unique magic item, and two new cursed items,
  • two unique spells and the adaptation of a forgotten classic,
  • Multiple ways to escape the dungeon to suit different playstyle.

This adventure is designed for a party of 3-5 Player Characters of around 6th level in an OSR - Compatible adventure game like Old-School Essentials, Labyrinth Lord, or Lamentations of the Flame Princess. 

I am very proud of this creation. I have stolen much of my favorite elements of layout to create a book designed to minimize flipping and make using the book as easy as possible. It should provide 3-8 hours of Strange, atmospheric fun for a gaming group who like strange, dark humor and weird fantasy. 

Here's my back cover blurb:

Ninety-seven years ago the Cult of Malphas created the greatest library of Arcane Lore ever collected : the Maze of Yes'od-caj. They invited Sages and Luminaries from all over to witness its consecration.

When the guests arrived, the cultists set upon them, beheading every sage and trapping their minds inside their undead skulls to serve as the source of the library's lore.

One sage avoided the slaughter and took revenge, poisoning the Cult with a killing spell, sealing the library to all but himself.

Now, a century later, the doors to Yes'od-caj are open, and something stalks the streets, collecting the heads of the wise and holy...

And there is Forbidden Lore and lost treasure ripe for the taking...

This will hopefully set a new and high standard for my creations.

Get it on DrivethruRPG 

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