Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Another Example of Campaign Pitches

I would like to share an example of how I write campaign pitches.

Whenever my group finds itself between campaigns, we open the floor too anyone who wants to proposing to run the next campaign. Over the years, my group and I have perfected the gardening one page pitch that tells us a lot about what the group members can expect about a given game.

This document also doubles as a campaign planning cool. And I have described how I use it as such, here and here

Generally speaking, I like to put forward two or three campaign pitches to my group. On a good day, many of the other players will put out at least one. I start with a title, and then a tagline invokes the kind of story I want to tell which is short and pain, comedy, saga, or one shot. I also include the genre intend to use, and some keywords to suggest tone.

After that I give two to three paragraphs that describe the premise of the world and the opening scenario. As well as suggesting some of the content they may run into.

If I felt a need to give a warning over a kind of content in the game, for example: if I plan on having a lot of sex in a campaign, I would mention it here.

I follow that up with one or two paragraphs and a second section talking about my ideas as a GM, this is where I include any important information like time limits, whether or not I'll be using homebrew or module content, and any really big rules adjustments.

Finally, I list some films on the TV shows, novels, and video games that I am using as inspiration for the game.

This most recent pitch document was designed to initiate a more serious and lengthy campaign, after the goofball five session game I ran of the wasted hack over the last month and a bit.

For the record, my playes chose Null Point, so my next step is to write a Primer

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