Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Gonzo Up Your A$$!

 Last night it was my incredible privilege to join Aaron the Pedantic and Venger Satanis on their podcast on making gaming weirder, Gonzo Up Your Ass!

We covered a hell of a lot of ground, but some highlights include:

  • Rick & Morty, how to plumb it for ideas.
  • Adventuring inside monster guts.
  • The vastness of the Cosmos.
  • Adventuring across parallel worlds.
  • How to relax and enjoy the show when players decide to burn the world down.
  • Running off and being pirates.
  • Courtly intrigue and using historical sources.
  • Sleaze and sex in gaming.
  • DIY gaming, and the culture of sharing the awesome.
  • Why the OSR doesn't need "Dungeons & Dragons" as a brand anymore.
  • Offering effective, positive criticism.

Thanks so much Venger and Aaron for a great time!

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