Thursday, June 2, 2022

The Eternal Ocean Setting Book is Live

I have just added a version of The Eternal Ocean to my Eternal Ocean and Wreck project on

This is a system agnostic setting book designs to give players an idea of where their characters are from and what kind of characters they may like to play.

In effect, it is a campaign primer: it's goal is to stimulate the imagination of players and GMs. To get them thinking about what kind of Adventures and experiences they might like to have using this game.

Accordingly, I lot of the book is done as fiction. Particularly samples of correspondence, official documents, and short stories. A little of it is basic facts, but I try hard not to spend more than 40% of the book on raw info dumps.

What of the funny thing is about this book is that it necessarily must be incomplete. The whole purpose of this setting is to have player characters going to a planet based on information that is woefully out of date. In the eight year since the initial colonial effort failed, the planet Rusalka has been radically changed. It teems with life, mysteries, and a terrible traps.

Ultimately, I cannot give all the information one would expect in a campaign primer, as I'm creating this as a tool for other GMs that they can hand to their players without giving the game away. There are quite a few different tones one can set on Rusalka. The final book, the Depths of the Eternal Ocean will have advice for GMS on how to set the tone and style for a number of different kinds of campaign that could be run using this setting, as well as a set of secrets and dangers for the player characters too experience that the GM may or may not choose to use.

Get The Eternal Ocean and Wreck here!

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