Monday, April 1, 2024

The Trans-Real News


I just realized that I wasn't sharing my podcast here with the people who might appreciate it the most!

Trans-Real News is my weird fiction audio-drama podcast framed as a newscast from the Astral Plane as time, space, and reality is collapsing.

Over the course of the 40 episodes I have planned (10 are already recorded and edited.) The newscasters will slowly go from unscrupulous hacks and shills to heroes in a war against supernatural authoritarians.

It isn't TTRPG material (yet), but I hope it will inspire people looking for gonzo setting ideas to steal from it.

Here are my first three episodes:

Episode 1: Rejoice!

In which heads are removed, Anarchists go to War, the Doomsayers petition for artificial stupidity, times pace is hopefully muddled, our sponsors invite you to "Rejoice!", the Union of Chaos Wizards denounce recent events, and Klie warns you about excessive introspection and free flagellations. See the shownotes here!

Episode 2: Barbarians 

In which monsters stir, barbarians rampage, depravity is delayed, the Trans-Real News team suffers a tragic loss, and Klie defames some goats. See the shownotes here!

Episode 3: Best Necromancers in the World

In which warfare breaks out over the being under Ularu, Someone is stealing heads, the Barbarians call a moot, a week on repeat, the late 20th century is coming in, Death is not the End… if you have the money, insectoids breeding in the Televistic Slime have an offer for you, and Klie is dubious about sexy talking insects, and warns you about smuggling through Gehenna. See shownotes here!

I created TRN to showcase my podcast editing abilities for my new podcast production business, but also as a chance to let my freak flag fly! 

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