Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Resource Spotlight: Free Music Archive

Time to boost the signal! This September I am planning on doing a roundup of some favourite resources for Table Top Role Playing Games. Most of which are free and online.

Resource Spotlight: Free Music Archive

"Piper" by OpenClipart-vectors
From Pixabay
I like to have music on in the background while I play TTRPGs. For the most part, my tool of choice for that is Spotify. I keep Spotify playlists for each campaign to catch its mood (here's my current one). If I want to share music, however, for example, If I were streaming my game, Spotify puts you at Risk of stepping on copyright.

The Free Music Archive is a collection of free and royalty free music you can download and use in your creations: some with and some without music. Most of it is under Creative Commons, and it is advisable to check whether a piece requires attribution.

Note: I personally have run afoul of a predatory company that has persuaded several of the contributors to monetize their work. These companies will put false strikes on content uploaded to platforms like YouTube in hopes of intimidating you into paying a fee. This is a small percentage of the content, and should be reported.

If you are looking for sound effects, Orange Free Sounds is a similar service for sound effects.

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