Monday, September 14, 2020

Twitter Speed Planning Session

Today I did a quick stream-of-consciousness adventure plan on Twitter. While it worked okay, and I have a good adventure planned for tonight, I apparently can't Twitter. The tweets are broken up instead of in the continuous thread like I thought I'd set them up to be. 

So, I deleted that chaotic mess off my timeline after amalgamating is here. I will post it again in this format come above with my own reference, and to show a thought process in action, in case it is useful to someone.

So, my #RPG playtest group is doing something tonight isn't one of my #OSR modules. Time to plan me a 5-room dungeon. Here's what I know:

💀 The setting is a ruined Dwarven Mine used as a secret workshop

💀 They are there to save enslaved barbarians

💀 There is a wizard out for revenge

So here's what I need:

1. Entrance w/ guardian: will be a rebuilt Dwarf defense tower.

2. Trap/Trick: The Wizard has set an ambush. Dwarven automata?

3. Puzzle / R-P: A dilemma about whom to save. A flood?

4. Climax: The last of the Wizard's apprentices prevents escape.

5. Reward / Revelation: The evil Baron's battle plans?

      Being made heroes of the White Crow Tribe?

      Ancient Dwarven weapons?

I want to make sure they are well-geared for an upcoming adventure.

So I want a Bailey around a ruined fortress, then some underground mineshafts.

This might be a good time to recycle the map of the haunted keep from  Wrath of the Immortals.

So, let's unpack:

Encounter. 1

Enemies: human mercs & gerblin tinkerers

Complication: They have a wall & watchtowers

Timer: The ancient steam autoballistae fire every 1d3+1 rounds (x3)

Treasure: Arms & Armour

    Booze, Rations,

    4 Shabby LOOT items

    A cool Dwarf artifact

Encounter 2

Enemies: automata

Complication: Magical traps seal the PCs in place.

Timer: A steam vent will broil the PCs in 3d3 rounds

Complication: Steam causes visibility issues.

Goal: Get out!

Treasure: Rare robot bits.

    An ANCIENT LOOT item

    Spec.: Yog Crystal alternative?

Encounter 3

Hazard: Boiling flood

Complication: Prisoners across 3 locations: Mine, Forge, & Cells

  Mine floods in 2d6 rounds: 8 prisoners (men)

  Cells flood in another 2d3: 4 prisoners (kids or sick)

  Forge 1d3 after that: 5 prisoners (women)

Treasure: Lots! but taking it?!


Lots of simple locks and tough chains means freeing each prisoner takes time.

The Cells need only a single lock, but the prisoners move at 1/2 speed.

Encounter 4

Enemies: The Last Apprentice, (eldritch horror)

Complication: Cave-in immanent, hole in Bailey wall blocked by summoned creature 

Timer: Clear the Bailey in 2d6 rounds or be buried.

Tactics: Apprentice Kites the Horror.

Complication: Sanity-blasting horror

Treasure: Apprentices spellbook and crystals, a rod

The spellbook includes lots of lovecraftian stuff the Pcs may not want to mess with.

Encounter 5

Includes a chance to get lost memories back w/ a Shamans help.

High honours,

A chance to get White Crow aid against Harkin and his minions,

Milestone Rewards.

So... that is not a bad speed plan. The rest is starting it for #ICRPG & #OSRIC

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