Friday, September 17, 2021

My Commemorative Comic Book Covers

I try my best to be a joy at the table, to encourage other players and to step up and fill roles like caller, mapper, and treasurer whenever it is needed.

In the World of Weirth playtest group, I use Dungeon Scrawl to map for my party. I keep our treasure records. I have created the templates for character sheets, and even helped the GM write a unique save and skill system.

Beyond the table activities, I also have tried to create ways to encourage my fellow players and engage them. One of my recent ways to keep everyone engaged is to use Hero Forge and Photoshop to create art.

Last week I got the idea of commemorating some of my favorite or most memorable events in the campaign by drawing them up like silver-age comic book covers. I wanted to share them here in case they inspired someone else.

The characters are made using Hero Forge, and the components used to make the portraits remain their ©2020 - 2021, I use the images in accordance with their EULA. World of Weirth is copyright Stephen Smith. The Low Fantasy Gaming Compatible logo is ©2016 Pickpocket Press. The other images used to comprise these Artworks are either downloaded from Pixabay or Paths Peculiar is the brand of Nicklas Wistedt, and refers to him as the author of the module that the earliest issue was set it: Please Go to Sleep Arthur Cobblesworth.

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