Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Signal Boost: Being Open, Considerate, & a Good Ambassador

Signal boosting Aaron on this one (as if he needed it.)


(Come shoot some more mutants with me, Aaron!) 


  1. The Left has weaponized virtue and consideration into a rabid, totalitarian intolerance in the name of "tolerance." They demand that decent people accept the unacceptable.

    The gentleman is kind and considerate to other gentlemen and ladies, he ignores the buffoon, and smites the barbarian.

    1. I agree. There is consideration, and then there is 1984-esque bullshit that poses as being "considerate," that is some of the most stupid, racist, hypocritical, cancerous BS ever vomited forth. Found on both sides of the political aisle, but definitely elevated to a high art form by progressives.

      I refuse to be rude, abrasive, or abrasive for the sake of the clicks. I treat people as my equals and thinking beings until I am shown otherwise. I only judge people on their circumstances if those are the result of clear bad judgment, and assume everyone can do better (unless they demonstrate they are unwilling.) And I try to bring good manners and politeness to all interactions, because I don't need to make the world an uglier place.

      But I'll be damned if I alter my speech, pretend to believe in untruths, or compromise my values to fit in. Never did in the first place. Non Serviam.

      Consideration really does only extend to people who give it in return. I am gentlemanly to people and give them the benefit of the doubt.I ignore and mock people who are obviously manipulators and grifters.